Dealing with Overwhelm


I am sure if you are anything like me, that picture really does paint a thousand words.

We all have days and moments when we feel like this….

As mothers we feel like we should be able to hold it together, after all we should be leading by example right?

But sometimes it can feel like everything is against us!

Have you every found yourself making statements using the words….






If you are saying anything like this in your  head ….

“The house is Always in mess”…

Nobody every helps me…”

“We Never get out of the house on time…”

This is a sure sign of overwhelm!

Let’s face it as the Matriach of our house a lot of things do fall to us to sort out.

But if you really stop and ask yourself ……Are any of these inner dialogues really 100% true?

Has Nobody ever helped – or did somebody else clear the table yesterday?

Is your whole house a mess – or is the cupboard in the toilet actually quite tidy?

Often as mothers we suffer from a little bit of Perfectionism and a teensey weensy bit of exaggeration particularly when it is an opportunity for us to self chastise.

Sound familiar?

So what can we do about it?

Ever heard of PMS?

Great then this is an acronym I know you are going to be able to remember.


What one small thing can you do – Right Now – That will make a dent in the problem?

Could you set an alarm (or an Alexa routine of some uplifting music) to go off 10 minutes before you normally would get ready to leave the house?

Can you right now pick up 10 things off the floor and put them in their proper place?

Even better could you challenge your kids to a 5 minute tidy off. Who can put the most things away in 5 minutes. Set the Timer, give a running commentary, offer a prize of an extra 5 minutes at bed time..

Have you actually asked anyone else to  help (specifically “can you Y do X for me”) or are you expecting them to read your mind?

If every time you have one of these overwhelm feelings or thoughts you take one small action towards fixing it, you will be surprised how quickly the problem can actually disappear.

Small Habits lead to big results as long as you keep on plugging away at them.

So What can you Fix / Change today?

As ever comment below and share your 1 thing that has changed your day!

As my mum used to say “Sharing is Caring”


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