Dealing with Overwhelm

  I am sure if you are anything like me, that picture really does paint a thousand words. We all have days and moments when we feel like this…. As mothers we feel like we should be able to hold it together, after all we should be leading by example right? But sometimes it can feel like everything is against us! Have you every found yourself making statements using the words…. Everything… Always… Never… Everybody… Nobody… If you are saying anything like this in your  head …. “The house is Always in mess”… “Nobody every helps me…” “We Never get out of the house on time…” This is a sure sign of overwhelm! Let’s face it as the Matriach of our house a lot of things do fall to us to sort out. But if you really stop and ask yourself ……Are any of these inner dialogues really 100% true? Has Nobody ever helped – or did somebody else clear the table yesterday? Is your whole house a mess – or is the cupboard in the toilet actually quite tidy? Often as mothers

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Books that will Change how you think!

  So we have had lots of requests for what books we would recommend reading, yes I know for some of you that still seems like a dream, but for those of you who are starting to make the time for yourself….. and for those of you maybe heading to a beach in the  not too distant future how about a book that will expand your mind, change how you think and is quite fun to read? So here goes, in no particular order: Books for your Mind The 18 Rules of Happiness – by Karl Moore – This is a great little simple book to be re-read every so often just to remind yourself that happiness is created rather than found. You can read it in one sitting, pick out the bits that resonate with you at the time and instantly lift your mood. If you pick just one exercise to follow for a week it will be the start of a new journey. Happy – 50 Mindfulness Exercises – Dr Unger – Not

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How to Turn Goals into Reality

There is lot’s of advice out there about the importance of goal setting, and having clarity on where you are going both at work and in your home life. However, we all know from experience especially around New Years Resolutions that setting a goal and turning it into a reality are two very different things. So How do you turn your goals into reality? The idea of this article is to provide you with my favourite top tips and questions you can ask yourself to help find out if this is a goal that you really want to achieve both consciously and sub-consciously. Because if you arent 100% aligned with the goal, passionate about, committed to it, and envisioning success then it’s going to be hard. 1. First, what is it that you really want? Create a really clear picture in your head of what it is. Take a few moments to picture in your head what success will look like. How will you feel, what will you be able to see and hear? Who

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How 60 minutes on a Sunday can change your Life!

Monday morning comes around —and there are typically two types of people out there: 95% of people wake up in a fog, scattered, and putting out fires. They have no clarity on where they’re going —they simply want to make it through the day as fast as they can, so they can come back, “relax” and/or lay on the couch, binge-watching Netflix. (Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with Netflix…but distraction is usually a feedback mechanism for a lack of clarity and purpose.) Then, there’s the 5% of people who wake up with intention —they’ve designed their day based on a broader desire or vision. Their actions, rituals, habits, and environments support where they’re headed. There’s a peace and calm, balanced with a deliberate focus to start their week. Now, there’s no question who is more likely to create meaningful progress in their life and business between these two. But if you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer or work for yourself in some capacity —this becomes even more important. One of my most prized rituals which I teach

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5 Tips to Write and Use Affirmations

What do you know about limiting beliefs and how to radically change your mindset about them? Have you heard the term, “self-fulfilled prophecy?” That is our limiting beliefs! If we truly believe that we cannot do something, then we WILL NOT be able to. So if you continually tell yourself that you will never lose the weight, find the right relationship, get the promotion, or follow your dream, then it is time for you to start demolishing those limiting beliefs in your head. One way to do this is through rewriting your self-talk through affirmations and mantras. Keep reading to see 5 easy steps to write and use affirmations in your life. At the end, there will be a FREE gift to help you on your path to Create A Life You Love. Step 1: What we think about and focus on becomes our reality, so your affirmations must be stated positively in order to manifest a positive outcome. If your go-to thoughts are negative, try this exercise: Examples: Step 2: Our

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Are you using your time the best way ?

Do you know the 4 Zones of your Activities ? “If you are human, you have a calling: to live your genius.” – Gay Hendricks Have you ever examined how you spend most of your working hours? What kind of activities consume your entire day and what should be the ideal activities that you know you need to incorporate in your day? How can you feel fulfilled at the end of the day? If above few questions resonated with you, then keep reading, as this article is all about how you can safeguard your time from being wasted on low-priority activities and how to find your most important activities that will lead you towards the path of fulfilment. We will talk about four different zones of activities, in which all of your activities can be categorized, as formulated by Gay Hendricks in his book The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear And Take Life To The Next Level.  Here are the four different zones of activities: 1. Zone of Incompetence 2. Zone of Competence 3. Zone of Excellence 4. Zone of Genius. Let’s understand

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The Power of Habits

Want to know a secret? Want to be able to be happy all the time? Want to be able to progress at work? Want to get fitter, healthier, lose weight? Here’s the secret: Habits We might think habits are boring, but here is what happened to me. I was listening to the audio book Atomic Habits by James Clear, and you know how sometimes it takes a few times of someone saying the same thing several times in several ways…..Well, this time I finally got it. James explained how habits transformed his life, and now they have mine. Habits are everything, they are who we are, they are what we do. They are automatic. They are painless. We don’t even realise that we are doing them. They are subconscious.  Habits are easy, because, well, they are a habit! Put simply when you  Or Then you can use your habits to build your new life automatically.  Pretty simple concept. According to researchers at Duke University, habits make up 40% of our actions every day. So

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What is Procrastination, and How do I stop procrastinating?

Procrastination – “the action of delaying or postponing something” Or as the ancient Greeks called it Akrasia. As far back as Aristotle and Socrates humans have recorded observing the conundrum of ‘why people do things against their better judgement’. Why do we put things off and lack in self-control? Why do we do procrastinate? Behavioural Psychologists put it down to rewards and time. If you can have a small reward NOW, then that can be a  more powerful motivator than a large reward later. This is known as Time Inconsistency. Our Future self is very good at setting goals, but it is our Present self that takes action, and our present self is motivated by what happens now. If you stay on the couch, where it is nice and comfy, that, can be perceived as being a greater reward than the future possibility of, being fitter and healthier, should you decide to get up and go for a run. The Present self is all about instant gratification. So to move from procrastination to taking

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Are you standing in your own way?

Achieving goals is not always easy even if you make them S.M.A.R.T Goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic & time bound) or even D.U.M.B. Goals (dream driven, uplifting, methodical/manageable, and beneficial behaviour based). The Question is: Are you standing in your own way? Are you hoping for success, or expecting success? Here are 10 ways you can turn your goals around so that you can break through to success. 1. Passion for the Outcome and the Process! Goals are about moving towards a future vision that you can be proud of, that you are passionate about. Without that yearning, that sense of desire, that attachment to the process as well as the outcome it is hard to demand more of ourselves. Often we inadvertently take on the Goals of another person, be these suggestions from a well-meaning friend or family member or health practitioner. Or perhaps we have just looked at someone else and decided that we want what we view to be “their life.” As a way of getting started this isn’t always a bad thing,

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Mind the Gap

You have more control than you think you do… You wake up late, it’s raining, it’s dark and you’ve got a meeting today that you really don’t want to go to. You visibly slump, you frown and drag yourself out of bed with the weight of the world holding you down. At breakfast when you ask your son to hurry up, he seemingly ignores you, and then gives you that ‘look’ the one that screams contempt, that lacks the respect you feel you are owed… and your blood boils. Both of these examples could be seen as “cause and effect” however in the principles of psychology they are actually “stimulus and response.“ Something happens to you….. and then you react to it. What if there was another way? What many of us don’t realise is that there is a “Gap” between the stimulus and the response where we are choosing how to react. You might previously have felt that this was a subconscious process, a space to infinitesimal for a conscious decision,

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