Books that will Change how you think!

  So we have had lots of requests for what books we would recommend reading, yes I know for some of you that still seems like a dream, but for those of you who are starting to make the time for yourself….. and for those of you maybe heading to a beach in the  not too distant future how about a book that will expand your mind, change how you think and is quite fun to read? So here goes, in no particular order: Books for your Mind The 18 Rules of Happiness – by Karl Moore – This is a great little simple book to be re-read every so often just to remind yourself that happiness is created rather than found. You can read it in one sitting, pick out the bits that resonate with you at the time and instantly lift your mood. If you pick just one exercise to follow for a week it will be the start of a new journey. Happy – 50 Mindfulness Exercises – Dr Unger – Not

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