Dealing with Overwhelm

  I am sure if you are anything like me, that picture really does paint a thousand words. We all have days and moments when we feel like this…. As mothers we feel like we should be able to hold it together, after all we should be leading by example right? But sometimes it can feel like everything is against us! Have you every found yourself making statements using the words…. Everything… Always… Never… Everybody… Nobody… If you are saying anything like this in your  head …. “The house is Always in mess”… “Nobody every helps me…” “We Never get out of the house on time…” This is a sure sign of overwhelm! Let’s face it as the Matriach of our house a lot of things do fall to us to sort out. But if you really stop and ask yourself ……Are any of these inner dialogues really 100% true? Has Nobody ever helped – or did somebody else clear the table yesterday? Is your whole house a mess – or is the cupboard in the toilet actually quite tidy? Often as mothers

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5 Tips to Write and Use Affirmations

What do you know about limiting beliefs and how to radically change your mindset about them? Have you heard the term, “self-fulfilled prophecy?” That is our limiting beliefs! If we truly believe that we cannot do something, then we WILL NOT be able to. So if you continually tell yourself that you will never lose the weight, find the right relationship, get the promotion, or follow your dream, then it is time for you to start demolishing those limiting beliefs in your head. One way to do this is through rewriting your self-talk through affirmations and mantras. Keep reading to see 5 easy steps to write and use affirmations in your life. At the end, there will be a FREE gift to help you on your path to Create A Life You Love. Step 1: What we think about and focus on becomes our reality, so your affirmations must be stated positively in order to manifest a positive outcome. If your go-to thoughts are negative, try this exercise: Examples: Step 2: Our

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