5 Tips to Write and Use Affirmations

What do you know about limiting beliefs and how to radically change your mindset about them? Have you heard the term, “self-fulfilled prophecy?” That is our limiting beliefs! If we truly believe that we cannot do something, then we WILL NOT be able to.

So if you continually tell yourself that you will never lose the weight, find the right relationship, get the promotion, or follow your dream, then it is time for you to start demolishing those limiting beliefs in your head.

One way to do this is through rewriting your self-talk through affirmations and mantras. Keep reading to see 5 easy steps to write and use affirmations in your life. At the end, there will be a FREE gift to help you on your path to Create A Life You Love.

Step 1:

What we think about and focus on becomes our reality, so your affirmations must be stated positively in order to manifest a positive outcome. If your go-to thoughts are negative, try this exercise:

  1. Fold a blank piece of paper in half
  2. Draw a line down the center to separate it into two columns
  3. On the left-hand column, write everything you DON’T want in life
  4. Now go line by line and flip it to the positive on the right-hand column


  • I don’t want to be unhealthy —> I want to be healthy
  • I don’t want to be broke —> I want to have abundant money

Step 2:

Our affirmations must be written in the present tense as if it is already true. We must then also align our behaviors to match.


  • Future Tense: I will be healthy
  • Present Tense: I AM healthy

If when you say it in the future tense you don’t believe it, then it will not work.  Those self-doubts will creep right back in and take over. In order to fight against our pesky old habits of thought, try adding an opening statement at the beginning until you build your confidence.


  • I am in the process of creating a healthy life.
  • I am committed to building financial security.

Step 3:

Imagine how you will feel once your affirmation IS reality and include those emotions in your affirmation.  It is helpful to spend time focusing on your why.  WHY do you want to be healthy, prosperous, in a relationship, etc?  Maybe you want to be healthy to be around longer for your children and family.  Maybe you want to live generously with your finances rather than worrying about living paycheck to paycheck.  Whatever your why is, incorporate how you will feel once you have attained your goal.


  • I am in the process of creating a healthy life and I am overcome with joy now that I can keep up with my kids.  I am so excited to watch them grow up and be there for all of their milestones.

Step 4:

Our brain is a muscle, and just like exercising to prepare for a marathon (or a 5K), we must practice and train if we want to see results.  I personally love using the free ThinkUp app which you can download at http://thinkup.me/ or on the Apple and Android stores.  You can browse their library of affirmations or write your own.  Once you’ve picked a few, you can record them in your own voice and listen to them on a loop.  Part of my morning and nighttime routine includes listening to my affirmations. It has been amazing the changes in my own perception of myself, my abilities, and the opportunities that have presented themselves since I have started this practice.  Which leads me to…

Step 5:

I highly recommend you incorporate a Proof Journal to document and be thankful for all of the abundance that comes your way.  Since one of the areas I am personally committed to is creating a healthy life, I write down every time I get a compliment, make a healthy choice when presented with temptation, and reach a milestone on my health journey.  When I am feeling down and focusing on negativity regarding this goal, I read through my Proof Journal and it helps reset my self-talk.

As you spend time focusing on how your affirmations ARE working, you begin to put out positive vibes and build momentum which brings about more and more abundance.

You can also check out a video of me explaining these steps at:


As promised, here is a link to a FREE gift to help you on your way.  It is an infographic with a summary of these 5 easy steps.

Thank you for checking out this post, I hope you found it useful.

It is an honor to be a guest blogger on Alison O’Dornans Blog.  Be sure to check out her research-based coaching, webinars and resources to help you with happiness and stress management.  

Enjoy the Journey,



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